Blessing Way

A beautiful ritual for a pregnant Mother to be, celebrating her pregnancy and the miracle of new life.

We gather a woman’s close friends and family to make her feel loved, nurtured and pampered, infusing her with strength and confidence for the birth and journey of motherhood. Including a beading ceremony (creating a birthing necklace), ancient symbols and rituals in a very uplifting and divine tradition.

“The path of motherhood has a beginning but no end. It’s constantly changing and constantly challenging. Along the way, we encounter our personal limits over and over. We fall in love over and over. We ride the sharp edge of hope and fear. On this path of discovery, as on any spiritual path, our pretensions are shattered, our minds are blown, and our hearts are opened. We cry, we laugh, we bumble around and make countless mistakes. Through it all, we are gently—or abruptly—poked into greater honesty, loving-kindness, and understanding. It is a truly joyful path.”

Susan Piver