Naming Ceremonies

A beautiful Naming Day or “Name Giving Ceremony” to welcome your child into your family and into the world!

Giving parents the opportunity to officially name their child, include family and friends, appoint godparents, guardians or mentors and celebrate their child with a special ceremony that is unique and personalised to remember forever. I have been a Naming Celebrant since 2012 and have lots of lovely sample ceremonies and blessings to choose from, also readings, unique ideas, symbols and rituals to make this day meaningful and memorable.

Your child’s Naming Ceremony can be spiritual or non-religious, depending on your beliefs.
Naming ceremonies can be held at home, in a park or garden and can be for multiple children of any age. Often, they are similar to a Baby Blessing or religious style Christening.

Symbolic gestures can include lighting of a special candle, a water or rose petal blessing, a time capsule, wishing well, tree planting and of course, officially bestowing upon your child their chosen name.

Included is a personal Naming Ceremony, commemorative Naming certificate and my assurance of a caring and professional service. As a Mum I have a special interest in celebrating the miracle of life, special milestones in children’s lives and connecting family and friends through the ritual of ceremony.

“Nature formed you with perfect feet and hands and a heart that beats non-stop, sometimes for a hundred years. You were made complete, you inherited a thousand generations of wisdom, skill, poetry, song, all the sunrises and sunsets of knowledge past. You are the sum of all the people who went before you.
You are a refinery of inherited intellectual wealth, the full flood of antecedent wisdom is piped and stored within - how to climb the highest mountain, slay the biggest monster, how to survive fear and how to summon your courage and take pride in your wonderful intelligence.
Inside you are more possibilities than you could possibly use up in one lifetime. If you can dream, if you can do it; because the instinctive knowledge of how to succeed is already programmed within you waiting to be turned on - waiting to flow like a river as you come on stream“
Bryce Courtney