What Kind of Wedding Ceremony is the Right One for You

There are many choices for couples these days – it’s not just a simple question of ‘Religious’ or ‘Civil’ – there are many considerations to examine.
Start by discussing these points:
1. Do you have religious beliefs and attend a particular church or follow a particular religion?
Would you like to include the faiths you were born into? Do you both agree that this particular faith and the ceremony traditionally used for marriage will suit you?
Do you want to include the traditional ceremony, or would you prefer a blessing upon your union without the full and traditional ceremony? Are there aspects of the ceremony you might want to change? Will the priest/minister permit the ceremony to be changed to suit your needs?
2. What kind of ceremony would be most suited to the two of you if only one of you has religious beliefs or if one has a stronger belief than the other?
Would you be prepared to compromise – to find a church or minister who would assist you to focus on a modern interpretation of the ceremony, including your personalised wording and yet still includes aspects of your traditions?
3. What if neither of you have religious belief but the family members expect you to be married in a religious institution?
Think about the requirements you each may have. Remember it is YOUR wedding and you should create this ceremony for yourselves, not just to please others.
4. What if you both come from totally different religious and cultural backgrounds?
Then an ‘Interfaith’ wedding might suit you. Since you hail from different cultures, how much do you want to honour your heritage and the traditions of your parents and family? Once again, it is important to remember that YOU two are the focus of the marriage.
5. What if you both decide that you don’t want any religion in your ceremony at all?
Well a civil ceremony conducted by a celebrant or officiant will be the right choice for you. In some countries civil marriages are now extremely popular – often the couple have a great deal of flexibility in regard to the date, time and venue and in particular, the wording of the ceremony.
Types of weddings to choose from.
Traditional. These are usually religious ceremonies and follow the doctrine of each religion. Some civil marriage ceremonies follow the traditional elements, for example: the bride enters the venue on the arm of her father. Traditional elements, can be easily adapted for any ceremony.
Non-denominational. These wedding ceremonies are religious but do not follow the doctrines of any particular church.
Interfaith / Intercultural. This is a blending of two or more faiths or cultures, by including aspect of religion or religious rituals or readings that are symbolic of each faith or culture.
Whatever you decide – we are here to help and advise. Contact Kate, Joanna or Nath to discuss your plans. In the meantime – happy planning!