Interesting Facts About Wedding Cakes

Do you know that couples often spend well over $500 on their wedding cake? Depending on the art work involved in the icing and decoration and the size of the cake and number of guests of course, that works out to be a important consideration when budgeting for the wedding.
In ancient times the wedding cake symbolised prosperity and fertility. During the reception, it is traditional that the Bride and Groom cut the cake.

chocolate cake

The wedding cake symbolizes fertility and prosperity. The traditionally accepted practice is for the bride to have the first bite; otherwise, she’d be childless and barren. There’s a time during the reception when the bride will cut the cake, and again, there is a standard practice for this segment: the husband should place his hands over the bride’s (we’re talking about the knife that’s going to cut the cake, nothing else). The cake should be cut from the bottom layer and never at the top, unless you’d like a replica of the leaning tower of Pisa. After the bride cuts the cake and both she and her groom have had their bites, the cake is quickly wheeled over to the kitchen so that it gets sliced into portions for the guests. – See more at: